Parliaments and Parliamentarians Evolution and Change in Challenging Times

Vienna, 26-28 June 2014


Following the Standing Group's very successful inaugural conference on 'Parliaments in Changing Times' in Dublin (2012), we are issuing a call for papers for the second conference, which will take place in Vienna between 26 and 28 June 2014. As in Dublin, the Standing Group Executive Committee is hoping to bring together 60-80 senior and junior scholars in the field to discuss the institutional evolution of parliaments and the adaptation of Members of Parliament to new challenges. The local organizer is Professor Wolfgang C. Müller of Vienna University. Professor Thomas Saalfeld (University of Bamberg) and Professor Matti Wiberg (University of Turku) will support him as academic convenors.

Papers and Panels

We are inviting proposals:
  • either for individual papers dealing with the empirical study of contemporary parliaments and legislatures

  • or for entire panels consisting of three to four papers in the areas mentioned above.

Provided the papers deal with the empirical study of parliaments and legislatures, the thematic and regional range is deliberately broad. This has worked well at the 2012 Dublin conference. Abstracts of proposed individual papers should be between ca. 150 and 300 words. Proposals for panels should name a panel chair, the names of all proposed participants and abstracts for their individual papers. All proposals should be sent to:

The deadline for proposals is 15 April 2014. The proposals will be accepted or rejected by 30 April 2014.

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