Parliaments and Parliamentarians – Evolution and Change in Challenging Times

Vienna, 26-28 June 2014

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+++ Thursday, 26 June, 14:30-16:00 +++

Panel 1

Electoral Incentives and Legislative Behaviour 1
    Chair: Stefanie Bailer (ETH Zurich)
    Discussant: Francesco Zucchini (University of Milan)

Klaus H. Goetz and Christian Stecker (University of Munich):
Heterotemporal Parliamentarism: Does Staggered Membership Renewal Matter? Evidence from Germany and Japan

Shane Martin (University of Leicester):
Policy, Office, and Votes: The Electoral Value of Ministerial Office

Markus Baumann (University of Mannheim):
Tabling Priorities: Individualized MP Behavior and Electoral Incentives in Parliamentary Questions

Panel 2
National Parliaments and the European Union
    Chair: Wolfgang Wagner (F.U. of Amsterdam)
    Discussant: Amie Kreppel (University of Florida)

Daniel Finke and Annika Herbel (University of Heidelberg):
The Quest for Effectiveness: When and why do legislators scrutinize EU policy proposals?

Carina Sprungk (FU Berlin):
National parliaments in the European Union: moving towards more "cooperative" institutions?

Katrin Auel (Vienna Institute of Advanced Studies) and Olivier Rozenberg (Sciences Po Paris):
To Scrutinise Or Not To Scrutinise - Explaining Variation in European Activities Within National Parliaments

Jan Nemec and Martin Kuta (University of Economics Prague):
Character of Membership as a Factor of Different Performance in European Affairs: Committees of the Czech Chamber of Deputies and Senate

+++ Thursday, 26 June, 16:30-18:00 +++

Panel 3
Parliament and the Executive
    Chair: Christian Stecker (University of Munich)
    Discussant: Marcelo Jenny (University of Vienna)

Lieven de Winter and Wouter Wolfs (Catholic University of Louvain):
The decline of the Belgian Parliament : A Longitudinal Analysis

José Antonio Cheibub (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Shane Martin (University of Leicester) and Bjørn Erik Rasch (University of Oslo):
Why Investiture? Explaining Modes of Government Selection in Parliamentary Democracies

Radoslaw Zubek (Oxford University):
Parliamentary Agenda Control in New European Democracies

Tapio Raunio (University of Tampere) and Wolfgang Wagner (Free University Amsterdam):
Legislative-Executive Relations in Foreign and Security Policy: A Framework for Analysis and Call for Papers

Panel 4
European Parliament and EU Institutions
    Chair: Carina Sprungk (FU Berlin)
    Discussant: Katrin Auel (Vienna Institute of Advanced Studies)

Amie Kreppel (University of Florida):
Ideology in the EU’s Second Chamber: A New Understanding of the Council

Lea Roger (TU Kaiserslautern):
Are MEPs accountable? The impact of local, national and party interests on EP committee debates

Attila Kovacs (Corvinus University):
The changing legislative power of the European Parliament: the way from consultation to codecision

Simon Otjes and Harmen van der Veer (University of Groningen):
How ideological and institutional factors structure voting behaviour in the European Parliament

+++ Friday, 27 June, 09:00-10:30 +++

Panel 5
Representation 1: Findings from the Franco- German CITIREP Project
    Chair: Wolfgang C. Müller (University of Vienna)
    Discussant: Thomas Zittel (University of Frankfurt)

Oscar W. Gabriel (University of Stuttgart):
Citizens and Representatives in France and Germany – Introduction to the CITIREP Project
- will be presented by Sven T. Siefken

Sven T. Siefken (University of Halle-Wittenberg) and Olivier Costa (IEP de Bordeaux):
Representation in MPs’ District Work

Danny Schindler (University of Halle-Wittenberg), Elisa Deiss-Helbig (University of Stuttgart) and Laure Squarcioni (IEP de Bordeaux):
Party Politics on the Ground: Comparing the Relationship of MPs and Their Local Parties in France and Germany

Luisa Schittny (University of Halle-Wittenberg):
Representation and Communication: The Effects of Citizens' Communication with MPs on Their Feeling of Being Represented

Panel 6
The Electoral Connection 3: Voters and Parties
    Chair: Tamaki Ohmura (ETH Zurich)
    Discussant: David Willumsen (University of Munich)

Ben Nyblade (University of British Columbia):
Leaders, Voters and Rent-Seeking Parties

Marcelo Jenny (University of Vienna):
Legislative turnover in Austria (1945-2013) and its causes

Daniel Smith (Harvard University) and Shane Martin (University of Leicester):
Political Dynasties and the Selection of Cabinet Ministers: The Legacy Advantage in Ireland and Japan

+++ Friday, 27 June, 11:00-12:30 +++

Panel 7
    Chair: Julia Keh (University of Constance)
    Discussant: Thomas Saalfeld (University of Bamberg)

Lydia Lundgren and Kaare Strøm (University of California San Diego):
Reserved Legislative Seats for Ethnic Minorities

Francesco Zucchini and Licia Papavero (University of Milan):
Gender and committee selection in the European Parliament

Hilmar Rommetvedt (University of Stavanger):
Lobbyists in the Norwegian Parliament: Contacts, Impacts and Assessments

Panel 8
The European Parliament
    Chair: Lea Roger (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)
    Discussant: Simon Otjes (Groningen University)

Andreja Pegan (University of Luxembourg):
Legislative assistance to members of the European Parliament: Secretariat Officials Only?

Laura Mackenzie (University of Leicester):
Participation in the European Parliament: An Analysis of Populist Radical Right Rapporteurs

Laura Landorff (BIGSS Bremen):
Intergroups in the European Parliament – How MEPs Struggle for a New Mode of Parliamentary Representation!

+++ Friday, 27 June, 14:00-15:30 +++

Panel 9
The Electoral Connection 2: Voting
    Chair: Jorge Fernandes (University of Bamberg)
    Discussant: Ben Nyblade (University of British Columbia)

Kamil Marcinkiewicz, Michael Jankowski (University of Hamburg): and Mary Stegmaier (University of Missouri):
Ballot Position and the Party Discipline in the Parliaments of Poland and the Czech Republic

Theresa Kernecker and Marcelo Jenny (University of Vienna):
On the Incentive to Defect: Legislative Behaviour in Mixed-Member Systems

Tamaki Ohmura (ETH Zurich):
Explaining Voting Behaviour in the German Bundestag (1949-2013): Candidacy Strategy and Re-election Certainty in Mixed-Member Systems

Ulrich Sieberer (University of Constance):
When Do Single Member Districts Increase Voting Dissent Under Mixed Electoral Systems? A Longitudinal Study of Voting Behavior in the German Bundestag, 1949-2013

Panel 10
Parliaments under Public Pressure: Criticisms and Reforms
    Chair: Lieven de Winter (Catholic University of Louvain)
    Discussant: Alexandra Kelso (University of Southampton)

Thomas Zittel and Olga Herzog (Johann-Wolfgang- von-Goethe University Frankfurt):
Why Do Political Elites Dislike Parliaments?

Emmanuel Sigalas (Vienna Institute of Advanced Studies) and Spyros Blavoukos (Athens University of Economics and Business):
Reforms in the Greek Parliament Following the Financial Crisis: Early Evidence

Anna Caroline Warfelmann (University of Bremen):
The Politics of Parliamentary Pensions in Western Democracies: Understanding MPs’ Self-imposed Cutbacks

Julia Schwanholz (University of Göttingen):
Taking representation seriously? The provision of Communication and Participation Tools by National Parliaments

+++ Saturday, 28 June, 09:00-10:30 +++

Panel 11
Legislative Behaviour and Voting 2
    Chair: Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey (LSE)
    Discussant: Radoslaw Zubek (Oxford University)

Thomas Saalfeld and Henning Bergmann (University of Bamberg):
The Strategic Use of Recorded Votes in Germany, 1949-2013

Reto Wüest (University of Geneva):
Information and the Request of Roll Call Votes

Or Tuttnauer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem):
Explaining Parliamentary Opposition Behavior

Panel 12
Open Panel: New Approaches and Emerging Issues
    Chair: Martin Hansen (Brunel University)
    Discussant: Lea Roger (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)

Samuel Shapiro (University of Auckland):
Epistemological Postures on and the Evolution of the National Assembly of Quebec: An Anthropological Perspective

Marie Lavoie and Cecilia Omole (York University, Canada):
Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity in Parliament

Maximilian Würfel (ETH Zurich):
Life after the Bundestag – a quantitative analysis of the post-parliamentary careers of former German MPs

Annika Ostendorf (University of Bonn):
Leadership Structures in Parliament: Towards a Situational Concept of Analysis

+++ Saturday, 28 June, 11:00-12:30 +++

Panel 13
Legislative Rules and Legislative Behaviour
    Chair: Daniel Smith (Harvard University)
    Discussant: Daniel Finke (University of Heidelberg)

Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey (LSE):
The Political Economy of Select Committee Oversight: What Motivates MPs and Why?

Fabio Sozzi (University of Genova):
Constituency, National or European Orientation? Using Parliamentary Questions to Measure Political Representation in the European Parliament.

Julia Keh (University of Constance):
Majority- and Minority-friendliness of the Rules of Parliamentary Policy Statements in Western Europe

Panel 14
    Chair: Shane Martin (University of Leicester)
    Discussant: Ulrich Sieberer (University of Constance)

Jorge Fernandes (University of Bamberg):
Committee Chairs Assignment in the Portuguese Assembleia da República

Tim Mickler (Leiden University):
Committee Autonomy in 30 Parliaments

Martin Hansen (Brunel University):
Trust and not Control: Committee Membership and Coordination under Minority Governments

Alexandra Kelso (University of Southampton):
Political Leadership in Parliamentary Committees: the role of the chair in the UK House of Commons

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